Master Handicap List

The following information is displayed fro each club member whose handicap is maintained at the club as at 17 May 2022.

      CDH number,
      Handicap Index,
      Course handicap from each appropriate tee,
      95% of course handicap (being your playing handicap in stroke play competitions).

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     Please note that the list only includes home scores - You will need to check the Scottish Golf App to see the results of home and away rounds.
IDNameCDHHandicap IndexCourse Handicap (Red) 95%
12ASHE, Pat 400068525721.42220
5772BATTERSBY, Janis 400255432129.93129
1510BELL, Elizabeth 400308944419.42019
49BOKAS, Marlene 400068537114.31514
5121CARTER, Morag 400271777322.42321
2892CLARKE, Anne 400099469319.52019
148DARLINGTON, Alison 400068553231.23331
3348DIXON, Marjorie 400182778620.02119
168DUNN, Janet 400068564724.72624
4925FORTUNE, Mary 400269513128.73028
657FOX, Melissa 400068569919.82119
223GRANT, Angela 400010066418.51918
7902KELLY, Anna 400309613433.63533
7901KELLY, Sarah 400309335616.71716
4107LAWSON, June 400237026522.72422
359MACBEATH, Angela 400068599324.12523
2373MACDONALD, Nicola 400068605236.03836
4108MACGREGOR, Ella 400275609118.01918
4218MACKAY, Donna 400245378527.32826
387MACKAY, Lynda 400068611322.52321
5561MCBEAN, Hilary 400280380432.13432
443MCCREE, Anne 400068624330.13129
6046MCCULLOCH, Nadene 400289466518.11918
485MOORE, Linda 400068637235.53735
573ROBERTSON, Ann 400068661119.62019
3189ROSS, Sally 400161789924.42523
7762SANGSTER, Anne 400309116737.43937
2441SINCLAIR, Catriona 400280381536.23836
627SMITH, Susan 400068673512.21211
4419SUTHERLAND, April 400275610134.03634
3040SUTHERLAND, Beth 400275611734.53634
670SUTHERLAND, Morag 400068695617.31817
2364THOMAS, Amy 400309434838.34038
2363THOMAS, Jennifer 400309267525.92725
6569WEILL, Helen 100425195422.62422